Sunday, October 7, 2007

Birthdays and Houseguest

We finally got to celebrate Mr. John's and Mrs. Carol's birthdays Saturday evening. They're birthdays are a day apart in August but due to their busy schedules and ours, this was the first opportunity we had to get together. We were very excited that Carol's mom, Mrs. Elaine, was here to be a part of the celebration. We had a good time and a good laugh over my first attempt to make caramel sauce from scratch. A word to the wise - the longer you cook it, the more it becomes like hard candy. Thankfully, no one broke a tooth! We are also honored to have a houseguest for the next two weeks. Charlie, David and Vicki Bearden's dog, arrived on Friday. Parker has been on countdown since the last time Charlie stayed with us in the early spring. Charlie will definitely need a vacation after he leaves us. Parker is constantly loving on him with pets, scratches, and kisses. Charlie has adjusted well - he is already carrying on friendly conversations with the neighbor's dogs. He has even found a couple of hiding spots from Parker. The next two weeks should be interesting!