Monday, September 26, 2011

At the Fishnic

Through Parker's Cub Scouts, we experienced our first Fishnic (a combined fishing & picnic outing).  Here is how each family member enjoyed the morning:

Once Macy had her babies settled, she had no problem getting comfortable with nature.  In fact, Macy outlasted all the boys & fished the longest.

Be careful what you read to your children!  Parker, like most boys, loves to read nonfiction.  We checked out one book on worms & read it over and over LAST YEAR.  As Parker watched each worm meet its demise, he started spouting information from the book and about all the wonderful services worms provide.  I seized the moment to remind him about the circle of life and introduce the food chain.  Parker wasn't impressed.  At the end of the morning, he proclaimed himself a "a fake bait fisherman."
Tony spent the first hour and a half, baiting, casting, and untangling lines while only having 2 hours of sleep.  What a great den leader and daddy!
I found my spot in the sun & my hot coffee just about perfect!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

You know you're a teacher when....

You haven't blogged in almost two months.
You celebrate the last day before school starts.

You still get your picture taken on the first day of school.

The first weeks of school are so exhausting that you miss the Push Cart Derby to clean house.

You gain 3 pounds from all the stress eating due to piles of paperwork and the daunting task of molding the future.
The basement nows houses Mt. Dirty (an enormous pile of laundry).
Your caffeine intake doubles triples.
You get your daughter's 2 year old pictures taken 2 months before she turns 3.
You start telling your children "OK, smart friends, it's time to ....."
You bemoan doing homework with your own child, but keep assigning it any way.
You start grading papers/making new things/answering emails/do your professional reading at 9:30PM, and surprised when it is already 11:00 PM.
Your school bag is NEVER empty.
School supplies make you smile.
You think you have the best job on earth.