Monday, September 26, 2011

At the Fishnic

Through Parker's Cub Scouts, we experienced our first Fishnic (a combined fishing & picnic outing).  Here is how each family member enjoyed the morning:

Once Macy had her babies settled, she had no problem getting comfortable with nature.  In fact, Macy outlasted all the boys & fished the longest.

Be careful what you read to your children!  Parker, like most boys, loves to read nonfiction.  We checked out one book on worms & read it over and over LAST YEAR.  As Parker watched each worm meet its demise, he started spouting information from the book and about all the wonderful services worms provide.  I seized the moment to remind him about the circle of life and introduce the food chain.  Parker wasn't impressed.  At the end of the morning, he proclaimed himself a "a fake bait fisherman."
Tony spent the first hour and a half, baiting, casting, and untangling lines while only having 2 hours of sleep.  What a great den leader and daddy!
I found my spot in the sun & my hot coffee just about perfect!

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