Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jillian!

Seven years ago, I listened to a very happy pregnant lady thanking everyone for coming to her baby shower.  I was just 2 months pregnant at the time and I only knew this lady in passing.  Little did I know that baby she was carrying would become my baby's "first friend".  Whenever someone questions his friendship with Jillian (the neighborhood boys are astounded that he is friends with a girl), Parker always tells the story that Jillian was the first baby to visit him in the hospital.  Poor Christy gets left out of the story everytime.  I wonder if he thinks Jillian came on her own.  Nevertheless, Parker is convinced of first friend power and lays claim to it every chance he gets.  As I was watching all the church friends at Jillian's party, I was having flashbacks to all the birthdays they have celebrated together and couldn't believe how time was passing by no matter how tight the grip I keep.  Every stage brings its own delights and horrors, but I could comfortably stay at this stage for a while.....Time, are you listening?  I didn't think so.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Favorite Pastimes

Since we have moved, we can't keep Parker inside (which is the total opposite at our old home)!  The new, smooth sidewalks call to Parker everyday.  If he isn't on his bike, then he is on his scooter.  All of the other boys are able to ride without training wheels.  Every now and then, I hear one of them ask Parker if he is ready to take off his training wheels.  Parker then always answers "Not yet."  Maybe next summer....
Macy's newest thing is getting on the laptop.  She saw everyone using it but her and that was not going to fly!  No, she is not checking her email after church on Sunday.  She is on her favorite website -  sprout online!  Using the laptop is teaching her alot about taking turns!  Macy was quite excited to take her baby doll to church in a matching dress.  She showed off her baby doll to anyone who would look her way. 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer....Slip sliding away

The school building opens tomorrow so teachers can come unpack the rooms. Although the first contracted day back is not till the 10th, the opening of the building signals that the end is near.  After the unpacking blitz and trip to Hot Springs, we tried to squeeze in some fun!  Here is what we have been up to that makes summer days so sweet!
Pancake Breakfast with the Haynes and even some blackberry picking
Grant's Farm (where Macy insisted on riding the tram like a big girl)
Magic House fun with Jillian
Celebrated Grandmaw's Birthday
Girls' Lunch Out while Mr. John hosted cupcake decorating with Parker and Macy
Multiple trips to the subdivision pool ~ Parker is getting to be more like a fish and Macy loves adult swim aka snack time