Monday, August 9, 2010

Favorite Pastimes

Since we have moved, we can't keep Parker inside (which is the total opposite at our old home)!  The new, smooth sidewalks call to Parker everyday.  If he isn't on his bike, then he is on his scooter.  All of the other boys are able to ride without training wheels.  Every now and then, I hear one of them ask Parker if he is ready to take off his training wheels.  Parker then always answers "Not yet."  Maybe next summer....
Macy's newest thing is getting on the laptop.  She saw everyone using it but her and that was not going to fly!  No, she is not checking her email after church on Sunday.  She is on her favorite website -  sprout online!  Using the laptop is teaching her alot about taking turns!  Macy was quite excited to take her baby doll to church in a matching dress.  She showed off her baby doll to anyone who would look her way. 

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