Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Busy July!

I cannot believe July is almost over! I keep asking myself where did it go! Then I start reviewing: Tony's family was here, Parker was sick for a few days, got ready for VBS, had VBS, did Munchin' With The Martins #2, recuperated from VBS, and here we are! Time does fly when you're having fun! Parker and I did have some fun today when we took Maddy, along with Mommy Marcia and Wells, to the Magic House to celebrate Maddy's first birthday. Parker loves both Maddy and Wells, but he is fascinated with Maddy. He loves to make her smile! Happy Birthday sweet Maddy!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Look Closely!

I looked out our kitchen window and thought for sure a squirrel had died on top of Parker's swing set. I immediately texted Tony about it. He reassured me that the squirrel was just taking a nap because he had seen the squirrel do the same thing a couple of days ago. When I went to take the picture, he did open his eyes but when back to sleep when I went inside. I guess he knows how to beat the heat!

Friday, July 4, 2008

A House Full of Company!

Gamma (Tony's Mom) arrived on the 24th from Austin! Parker took her to the Magic House and showed off his fishing skills.

Then Great-Grandmother (on the left) arrived on the 2nd from Hot Springs, AR. Then Great Aunt Nan and Great Uncle Carl arrived on the third from Arvada, CO. We were glad to be their layover on their way to Paducah, Kentucky for a high school reunion. They left this morning and will return Sunday evening to spend the night again. We can't wait to hear their stories! Then everyone heads home on Monday. Our house is going to seem very empty!