Thursday, August 4, 2011

The F word

I've lost count of the times people have mentioned something they saw on Facebook or the times people were shocked that I wasn't participating or the times I've been told that I need to be on Facebook. At first, I resisted out of respect for my husband's wishes.  He knows me so well that he could see an addiction forming and didn't think it was a good idea.  Then after a couple of years of witnessing the same phenomenon, he relented and said he didn't care if I did it.  Another worry was what if a student or parent found me.  I don't have anything to hide. It would just be aggravating for an 8 year old to be on Facebook.  They're suppose to be reading or doing their homework - not hanging out on my page.  Next, comes the picture problem.  It would have to be a perfect picture.  And, is there really such a thing?  Apparently so, since I have read the article "How To Take The Perfect Facebook Picture".  It was terribly complicated. Look up, chin down or was it the other way?  Finally, the friend dilemma.  The last Facebook article I read was a study of the friend number.  The perfect number is around 300.  More than 300, the article found that people no longer felt important to the friend or that the friend spent way too much time trolling for friends.  Less than 300, the friend needs to get out more.  Facebook represents a whole new level of stress to me. And, I don't really need to go looking for more.  My life, at times, provides more of that than I really want.  But I suppose if I ever came across that perfect picture, then sure I'd join the millions saying "Did you see that on Facebook....?"