Monday, April 13, 2009

Birthday week comes to an end!

I grew up with the tradition that one day wasn't enough to celebrate your big day. I have great memories of being taken out to the restaurant of my choice with my parents and my brother, a dinner with our extended family, and some sort of get together with my friends. What good times! Parker has quickly caught on to this tradition. Last weekend kicked it off birthday week. The next highlight was getting to go to Baskin Robbins after Wed. night church. We started this addiction last summer when we made frequent stops there on our way home on Wed. nights. When school started, our stops ended. Parker asks just about every Wed. night if we can go and our standard reply is not until school is out. But birthday week was the exception- much to his delight. The grand finale got under way with the arrival of his great-grandparents, grandparents, and uncle Thursday night. On Saturday, Parker had a cosmic bowling birthday party which is why there are no pictures. My camera wouldn't work in the dark and neon lights. But all his friends seemed to enjoy it. The funniest comment came from Benny: "I thought bowling was only on Wii." He opened his presents at home with much enthusiasm. This was the first time he had gotten a significant amount of money for his birthday. We had a John moment and talked with him about money management - save some, give some, and spend some. He seemed to do well with this strategy. Sunday night, after everyone had headed back to KC, Parker was riding his bike through the house (thanks Grandmaw and Grandad!) he told Tony he had a fantastic birthday. Then he asked "How could we afford all this?" Tony replied that God had blessed us. He must have taken our money management talk very seriously.
Easter Sunday

Parker had his own private Easter Egg hunt in the backyard despite the mud and cool temperatrue. I am so ready for warm weather!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Parker!

OOPS! I left off Tony's favorite picture from the Egg Hunt. Tim Ezell from Fox 2 was the MC. He is the nicest guy! We thought Parker would be hard to wake up since he was out late Saturday night, but he woke up on his own at 7 asking "Can you believe I am five?". He was excited to open a package from his Great Grandmother Peggy in Hot Springs, Arkansas. She crocheted a beautiful blue and red blanket - just his size. After opening it, he said that "I need to send her a thank you note!" Then he accidently found Macy's hiding spot and was thrilled to see a real fishing pole. Off to church we went armed with doughnuts for all his friends in Kids' Community. After church, we ate with the Coles. They are sure to be our future in laws with the conversations Jillian and Parker have been having lately! He opened a package from Grandmaw and Grandad - his first SpongeBob movie. Thrilling to my big 5 year old! Next we headed to the Magic House where we explored the new addition. Parker was answering the phone in the Oval Office. He asked us if Obama was calling him. When it was time to go, we weren't sure who was more tired - us or the kids!

The Coles sent home a birthday cake for Parker which he wanted at Sponge Bob's intermission.

Happy Birthday, sweet boy! We love you!

Easter Egg Hunt

We went on an adult Easter Egg Hunt Friday night. The Uebelein kids babysat for us - it was the first time we left Macy for an evening out! Notice it only took 4 babysitters for me to do it. They did a fantastic job! Parker and Jillian were too busy playing to pose. We had lots of fun! We would play again next year!
Saturday morning found us at Tilles Park for McKnight's Easter Egg Hunt. Macy didn't hunt but she did dress for it.
Parker's ready to hunt!

Face painting fun!

Parker and Macy with the Easter Bunny

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring Break Highlights

We got to wish Grace a happy birthday at Monkey Jones on the last Saturday of Spring Break. It is hard to believe our babies are turning 5!

In honor of Lauran's birthday, Nurse Vicki finds us a NICU family that needs a little help. This year we were blessed to bring gifts for Arrion. He is a twin whose brother already had gone home. Arrion was still there learning how to eat after having had surgeries to fix some internal organs that were in the wrong place. Isn't medicine amazing?

Macy had a great 4 month check up! She weighed in at 15 lbs., 7 oz. and 25 1/2 inches. She also started eating cereal for dinner. Here are pictures of her first attempt! Parker was an excellent supervisor.

This expression made us laugh! "What am I suppose to do with this exactly?"

She also had enough upperbody strength to play in her exersaucer. She is checking it all out. This weekend has been a lot of fun so far, but I'll have to post more tomorrow. Macy is keeping us on schedule - it is time to eat! :)