Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful to be home!

It is so good to be home! Parker loves Macy (so far) and showers her with attention (awake or asleep). We're having a lot of conversations about baby care. His perspective cracks us up!
Tony knows his turkey!

My grandparents, parents, and brother celebrated Thanksgiving with us. We've appreciated all the extra hands - Macy hasn't been put down yet and Parker has had someone to play with. What will we do when everyone goes home?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Introducing . . . . .

Here they are, the first pictures of our sweet baby girl, Macy Jean. I know this blog will seem different than the rest, but Jennifer is still in the hospital so I am giving it a go! I hope you enjoy the pictures (especially the ones of her with her big brother).

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Sneak Peek!

Parker wanted to be in the picture with his Sponge Bob band-aid. He told me to be sure to put it on the blog!

In case you didn't know, we (Tony) managed to get the nursery done in about two weeks. All it took was for the doctor to say the baby had dropped! Marcia especially has been anxious to see his handiwork especially since we bounced around ideas of polka dots or stripes. But Tony being the wise man that he is, put the big pieces of the furniture in before he started. The nursery is the tiniest room in the house. After seeing just two big pieces of furniture, I was nervous that the stripes would make it look like a jail cell rather than nursery. Thanks to Amie for the initial idea and cheers for Tony for spending 3 hours getting it just right! Feel free to come by and see it in person!