Thursday, October 14, 2010

Was that a ghost?

Yes friends, I was that mom.  I saw Macy opening the refrigerator and didn't stop her.  I had the dishwasher three-fourths full and instantly weighed the pros & cons. Pros: whatever she was after in the frig would keep her occupied until I finished the dishes, no unnecessary stress on my ears.  Cons: While I am cleaning up one mess, she would be creating another. Question: Is this a pivotal point in establishing parental boundaries?  Quick prayer: Please Lord let this not be the moment of my parental demise. I chose the dishwasher.  All my women friends realize this conversation happened in less than 10 seconds in my brain.  With the dishwasher humming, I went to investigate.  She is truly flesh of my flesh.  Cookie dough before bed...

After church and getting the kids in bed, Tony & I made the snack for tonight's den meeting.  They were a big hit!  But then again, kids will eat anything!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Is it really October?

Parker on the first day of school!  Last year, he didn't want a new backpack which really surprised his school supply loving mom.  He did need a new one this year though! I figured this may be my one and only year to get his backpack personalized.  You know, second graders may just not recognize the coolness of it all.

Macy didn't quite understand what all the excitement was about on the first day of school, but she was happy to pose in her nightshirt aka Parker's old VBS shirt.  She has really missed being with Parker during the day. I have to give honor where honor is due...Tony is balancing working from home and taking care of Macy.  If you need a laugh, ask him about Adventures in Daddy Daycare!
 Parker with his teacher, Miss Moses.  Was I this young once?
 We had a list of summer fun we wanted to do with the kids and we hadn't quite made it through before school started.  But why should school starting stop all the fun?  We talked the Coles into joining us for Tony's, Parker's, and Macy's first trip to the Arch. Yes, after 12 years in St. Louis, we finally made it.  When we first moved here, we wanted to go but we thought for sure we would be taking a million trips with all our friends and family who visited us.  Has anyone wanted to go? Nope!  But now our whole family can say with pride that we survived the ride!

 Are my two favorite first graders tired of posing?  Imagine that!
Whenever Parker and Macy fall asleep in the car, they always sleep with their heads together.  I love it!
 Before you start worrying, Macy is drinking root beer!  But this just goes right along with her personality.  She is just like her Daddy...drinking problem and all!
Parker has been dieing to join Boy Scouts and even took Tony to a meeting last year.  He didn't realize that you had to be in first grade.  Parker has a steel trap memory so I have to be careful about what I say.  He'll hold me to it.  Nevertheless, he had not forgotten that this was the year that he could join.  Tony walked into the second meeting as a den assistant and walked out as the den leader.  He said the church could learn from their recruitment skills.  The mums were a surprise from my sweet husband on the first day of fall.  He knows I am all about seasonal decorating.
We are so excited that Jillian is one of our prayer buddies this year!  We went to her soccer game a couple of Saturdays ago.  She played goalie for a little while and did an awesome job!  If I was the coach, I would make her the team goalie!  She was that good!
Tony and I are still teaching King's Kids on Sunday mornings.  We laugh every Sunday.  Macy though doesn't always find the situation so funny.