Friday, February 20, 2009

Five Things Friday #5

Today is my birthday so please forgive me if I sound self-centered in my gratitude list this week:
1) I am healthy.
2) My parents taught me that happiness isn't something to be found or bought - you just are.
3) I am married to someone who gets me.
4) I have the privilege of being Lauran's, Parker's, and Macy's mommy.
5) I get to go to a job that that although may be frustrating at times, I truly enjoy. (Even though I am writing my gratitude list at school on my birthday at 8:00 at night and will probably leave with the night custodians :0). I can still say that and mean it.)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentine's Weekend

Cupid visited us with treats for Parker and Macy. Macy is showing both of her treats and Parker is showing off one of his. He was quick to take inventory of who got what - the sibling rivalry begins! :>)
The greats and the grands were here to celebrate with us. Tony took care of the menu and I planned the activities for the night. Tony outdid himself with his beef tenderloin! Yummy! I planned a craft which everyone humored me and made their chocolate necklaces. You can see Parker modeling his. Don't worry Dad - I didn't post your tacky picture but is going in the scrapbook!

Macy had to change in her Valentine jammies for the rest of the festivities. Next, we played The Newlywed Game. My brother was the game show host. He was so hilarious with his professional game show voice. Look out Pat Sajak! 112 years of marriage was represented! I am proud to say that Tony and I won. My mom pointed out that our memories were the freshest since we had been married the least with 12 years. We finished the evening with Parker's current favorite game, Uno. We all agreed we couldn't have gone out and had a better time. Sometimes the best memories are homemade. :0)

On Sunday, we celebrated Pa's 83rd birthday and my 35th. I have only missed celebrating my birthday with Pa two times in my life (both times were while we were living in Texas). Pa blesses my life so much. He is the easiest person to be with. I love listening to his stories about growing up on the family farm in Muleshoe, TX and serving in WWII. He is also the wisest man I know. When we were playing the Newlywed Game, one of the questions was "What habit does your spouse have that gets on your nerves the most?" Pa answered "Nothing." Happy Birthday Pa - here's to 83 more! I love you!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Five Things Friday #4

1) A daiper change can turn into a photo opp!
2) Carol Peterson, who took care of Parker, finishes chemo on Wednesday after a year and a half of chemo and radiation treatment for breast cancer.
3) Two cases of formula delivered to our door - thank you!!!! (I'm still nursing, but we cluster feed before she goes down so she eats 2 oz. of formula at midnight so we can finally go to sleep at one! But hey she sleeps for 7 hours!)
4) Tony was sick this week with a bad head and chest cold (that is not what I am thankful for!) But that his sick germs have not spread to anyone else.
5) A taste of spring on Tuesday with 70 degree weather

Monday, February 9, 2009

Catching up

We spent Saturday enjoying our friends. We had Mr. John's famous pancakes which Parker wanted to know the secret recipe! Parker had a great time sharing his Batman toys with Darren and Stacey. Then we were at Bounce U celebrating Sophia's birthday, a friend from Pre-K. Parker loves doing the fun ball blaster.

Then Sunday evening, we found out what it would be like to have five children. Jillian, Benny, and Everlie came over so their parents could go to their small group's Valentine party. We had so much fun! Tony and I laughed so much! Jillian is a natural born nurturer. She kept her eye on all three of her charges. Benny played trains with Parker. Everlie found a plastic Easter egg to fill and spill which she thought was an hilarious game. Macy decided the best way to cope with all the excitement was to sleep! We also thought it would be fun to decorate sugar cookies. The kids had fun sprinkling the sugar cookies as well as the rest of the dining room. The fun was well worth the mess! Come over anytime!

Macy in her (Jillian's) Sunday best!
A couple of weeks ago, we were able to celebrate Spencer's fifth birthday! We had a great time! Thanks for inviting Parker!

The birthday boy - I mean Batman!

Batgirl Aly

Batgirl Lucy

Violet was born a couple of months before Macy. She is modeling her mommy's scarf. Isn't she a cutie?

Macy wore her first pair of jeans to Spencer's party.
I missed five things Friday so here it is a little late:
1) Scrapbooking at Archiver's
2) Tony never giving me grief about girls' night out
3) My sweet friends, Amie, Marcia, and Christy, who always give me a different perspective. OK, so the night nurse doesn't sound so bad! :)
4) a clean house which has been hard to come by lately
5) time with Macy and Parker