Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fall Fun

On my never ending list of things I would like to do but haven't taken the time to do it was pajama storytime at the library. After being on the list for a year, we finally made it! It helps that Tony is finally home at night to enjoy the fun with us. Each month is a different theme. September's was apples which was perfect since Parker had just finished an apple unit at Pre-K. He was so excited to wear his Speed Racer pajamas to the library!
Tony and Parker worked very hard to make their apple out of CDs. Sometimes you find a worm in one!
We were excited the weather held for Well's 3rd birthday party! Marcia outdid herself with a farm theme at Susson Park. Unfortunately,our batteries were on the verge of going out so we didn't get to take as many pictures as we would like. Regardless, I think if given the opportunity, Marcia would be the next HGTV star with all her clever decorating and party themed ideas! The party was adorable and everyone had a great time! Happy Birthday Wells and thanks for iniviting us!

Fall would not be complete without a visit to Eckert's. Between the tractor at Wells' party and the tractors at Eckert's, Parker is convinced we need one so he can mow the yard. I told him to talk to his Grandaddy since Grandaddy has always wanted a riding lawnmower and that was as close as he would get to having a tractor.
Parker hard at work picking apples.
Enjoying the fruits of his labor
I love a man who can multitask!

I love fall! Don't you?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Good-bye Summer....Hello School!

We tried to squeeze in as much fun as possible as our summer days were winding down... We made it to the zoo with Jillian which is always a good time!
We got to sing Happy Birthday to the big 5 year old Jillian at her birthday bash at the Magic House! Thanks Jilly for a great time!
Benny and Parker were quite pleased with their GQ look at church one Sunday!
Parker started Pre-K. He loves it and is full of important information every night at supper. Ms. Marie is his excellent Pre-K teacher. He already loves her.

Even though we are back in school, it doesn't mean that we don't have time for a jam session with Mr. Keith. Parker even got his first guitar lesson! We are so happy to welcome the Ubelein family back to St. Louis! Now that school is back in session, the countdown to Baby Girl is getting serious! We don't have a name or anything ready, but we still have got time, right?