Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Gifts of the Season

As I have been shopping and mentally going over my gift list, I started thinking about the gifts that I had received throughout the years. The gifts that have meant the most cannot be found at the local mall or bought on EBay. As I was driving down memory lane, I couldn't contain my gratitude for all I've been given. Days have passed since I started my gift inventory, but these gifts keep giving.

Thank you Tony for the gift of partnership ~ knowing that you will be there in times of great joy and deep sorrow is comfort beyond measure

Thank you Parker for the gift of parenthood ~ I'm really trying not to screw it up or take it for granted.

Thank you Dad for the gift of honor ~ all the times you warmed the cold car for a 3 minute drive to the junior high, starting the day with a smile and fun craziness, and reminding me of all the talents God had given me

Thank you Mom for the gift of selflessness ~ I have never seen you ignore a need whether it is a student, coworker, family member, or stranger. In spite of Oprah and everyone else who says that you have to put yourself first, I have never seen you buy into that theory. You inspire me to give more of myself everyday.

Thank you JB for the gift of cheering for the underdog ~ You can spot a worthy cause faster than anyone I know

Thank you Bobbie and Pa for the gift of growing old gracefully ~ You have showed me that you are never too old for an adventure or too old to be hip

Thank you John and Carol for the gift of mentoring~ Your wisdom and service inspires us everyday

Thank you to my third grade team for the gift of dedication ~ You show up day after day, year after year ready to do the impossible and love the some of the "unlovable". I teach because of you.

Thank you to all my friends for the gift of laughter ~ Every time we get together for a meal, a game, scrapbooking, whatever, my heart is always lighter

Thank you for all my gifts and Merry Christmas!