Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jillian!

Seven years ago, I listened to a very happy pregnant lady thanking everyone for coming to her baby shower.  I was just 2 months pregnant at the time and I only knew this lady in passing.  Little did I know that baby she was carrying would become my baby's "first friend".  Whenever someone questions his friendship with Jillian (the neighborhood boys are astounded that he is friends with a girl), Parker always tells the story that Jillian was the first baby to visit him in the hospital.  Poor Christy gets left out of the story everytime.  I wonder if he thinks Jillian came on her own.  Nevertheless, Parker is convinced of first friend power and lays claim to it every chance he gets.  As I was watching all the church friends at Jillian's party, I was having flashbacks to all the birthdays they have celebrated together and couldn't believe how time was passing by no matter how tight the grip I keep.  Every stage brings its own delights and horrors, but I could comfortably stay at this stage for a while.....Time, are you listening?  I didn't think so.

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