Wednesday, October 5, 2011

To Do Or Not To Do, That is the question

My life is in to do lists.  My School to do list.  My Evening to do list. My All Purpose to do list.  My Parenting to do list.  My Before It Is Too Late to do lists.  And the to do lists go on in my head and on paper.  Sometimes, they bring me comfort, a sense of accomplishment, and a overwhelming dose of doubt.  At 9:00 tonight, driving home from work, my to do lists were drowning me.  I momentarily envisioned throwing them out the car window.  Were the itemized bullets really that important?  Would the missing to do lists really bother anyone but me?  Like a lightening bolt of reality, a thought zinged me.  Does God have a to do list about me?  What would He put on it? 
God's To Do List In Regards to Jennifer
~Increase Jennifer's patience
~Widen Jennifer's view point (It's really not all about her)
~Remind Jennifer to point her face towards the sunshine
~Encourage Jennifer to say no to the little things, and yes to the things that matter
~Help her lay down the guilt - I know she's doing the best she can
~Instill peace
I'm sure I didn't cover all the things on God's to do list.  Right now, my to do list covers 2 pages.  I sure hope God's isn't that long! 

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