Saturday, January 5, 2008

Daddy's Little Helper

Yes, the mess free way is in the tidy whities!
Then into the bathtub he goes!
We started the New Year by tackling the next item on the home improvement list. We painted the hearth room. It was cloudy when we started and dark when we finished so we are excited to see it tomorrow in sunlight (hopefully!). Whenever there is a project involving tools or paint, we can count on Parker to lend his ever so helpful hand. What would we do without his expertise? (Probably finish in record time and clean up fewer spills, but where would the fun in that be?)

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EBC said...

Don't you know about child labor laws?

I was reading the paper and saw that the new municipal tornado shelter in Kansas City is at Arrowhead Stadium. They cited a definite lack of touchdowns in the vicinity. :)