Monday, July 19, 2010

Martha West!

When we switched to our laptop, I lost your blog address!  I've searched the world wide web over and cannot find you!  I hope you are still checking in because I miss keeping up with the West family!  We miss you much!


Martha said...

Imagine my surprise to check you blog and see my name staring back at me! :-) I enjoy keeping up with y'all as well and have missed your posts. I am glad that you have resumed posting. Sounds like things have been pretty crazy. Hope all is well and that you are getting settled with the move. We miss you too!

Tony and Jennifer said...

I am so glad you are still checking in! It was really stressing me out that I couldn't find you! :) I feel so much better that I am now caught up with the West family! Nora and Wyatt are BEAUTIFUL and have gotten so big! Our email is I would love to get all your info in my planner so we aren't apart again! :) Jennifer