Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy Birthday, Parker!

Parker enjoyed celebrating his birthday at school!  He got to wear a crown, be the "go to guy", and share cookies with his class.  At home, he got to pick his birthday dinner menu: steak in the crockpot, volcano mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls, and red velvet cake.  The cake request was a big surprise.  He's never had it.  But Tony and Parker are partners in running a restaurant, and they serve a lot of red velvet cake at their place.  You have probably never been there - it's an app on Tony's phone. :) 
He couldn't wait to open presents.  Macy did a good job recognizing that today was Bubby's (as she calls him) special day and watched without helping or throwing a fit.  That doesn't sound like much to ask unless you're 2 and sometimes terrible! :)

Parker was very happy with his presents which warmed my heart.  He's always prefered toys over clothes.  But he did say a sincere thank you after each gift.  It reaffirmed our decision about the big birthday gift.  Meet our newest family member -
Parker has been asking for a hamster for two years, and we have been telling him no way for two years.  But the thought that my baby was 7 and I only had 11 years to left to make memories that would endear him to me forever caused us to visit Petsmart last Saturday.  Yes, Tony totally appreciated my reasoning and was willing to reverse 2 years of shouting no every time Parker brought it up.  What a man!  We met a lovely young lady who told us all about dwarf robo hamsters.  Here's the nitty gritty: they're the smallest of all hamsters, they are not meant to be handled (a huge plus in my book), they are the cleanest of all the hamsters so their home only needs cleaned every two weeks.  Plus, they curl into a ball the size of a cotton ball.  Too cute!  So when Parker finished opening his wrapped presents, Tony said "Doesn't he have one more?"  "You're right.  He's only opened three." I quick wittedly replied.  "Where is it?", Parker wants to know with eyes darting all over the room. "I'll give you a hint.  It's not wrapped." his generous hint giving Dad replied. "Didn't you leave it in Parker's bedroom?" his helpful mother asked.  Parker generously allowed me to run upstairs with the camera.  But I got swept away in the moment and missed the picture.  But rest assured, Parker was so surprised and excited!  I think we achieved our goal.

Now please forgive this long post, but I will close with this: Our Top 7 Parkerisms:
1)  Macy could not have a better brother.  He is so patient and affectionate with her.
2) Parker loves school.  His teacher told me this morning that he wrote his friends through the school mail system but forgot to sign his name.  The friends started asking who mailed me math problems.  Miss Moses said who loves math in our class.  They all replied Parker!
3) Parker has a tender heart.
4) Parker has the best day ever - over and over again.
5) He hides special notes for me all over my classroom.  They go like this: Dear Mommy, I miss you.  I love you. Parker  
6) Parker constantly asks for a new recipe to try.
7) He says the sweetest prayers.  You can tell he is a regular at Saturday morning prayer hour.  I hear echoes of Wole and Bose and his daddy.

Happy Birthday, Parker!  I'll keep trying to make the most of the time I have left with you!  I love you! 

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Grandmommy said...

I didn't get to spend his birthday with Parker BUT what fun we had over the weekend! Parker is a PARTY ANIMAL! I don't think there are many things that Parker enjoys than company! That is ALWAYS an opportunity to PARTY! THANKS Parker and Macy! It was a GREAT visit!