Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Two Friends

Two friends are on my heart - one who left this world unexpectedly today and one who is beginning a personal war against cancer.  The first friend you can read all about here.  Everyone who knows Mr. Jackie agrees with what Jenny wrote.   The second friend is so dear to me also...She knew us when when we were expecting Lauran and has since been a fixture in Parker and Macy's lives. Thinking about both of my friends today made me realize how much their personalities are alike.  They both spread joy wherever they go.  Both of their smiles encourage me every Sunday.  And, their smiles are so freely given.  I've have NEVER EVER heard these two friends complain even when one was wheelchair bound and the other watched her daughter go through the foster care/adoption process with all its emotional highs and lows.  I go to church partly because these people encourage me to be better than I am.  Both of them remind me to quit counting down the days and make the days count.  Both of them remind me to quit being so self-centered and to be more other-centered.  Both of them remind me to quit frowning and start smiling.

My sweet boy took the news of Mr. Jackie's death hard.  He asked me if he could go to the funeral.  To buy time to think about this request, I said I would have to check his baseball schedule.  I should have known better.  Parker comes back with "I would miss a baseball game for Mr. Jackie. I really want to go."  Then as he does every night before dinner, he says the prayer:  "Thank you for Mr. Jackie.  Please help him have a good first day in heaven."  I knew in an instant what Mr. Jackie has done for so many and what my other courageous friend continues to do.  Their lives leave no doubt of where they will be.

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