Sunday, September 16, 2007

Batteries Required

Although Tony and I debated that we just might be too boring for a blog, the real reason we haven't posted anything is that our camera batteries died. Being the wise shopper that I am, I checked prices at three different locations (Sam's is the best buy in case you were curious). Now we are back in business with new batteries. Hurrah! This weekend in our not so boring life, we went to the Balloon Glow with our dear friends, the Coles. It was windy but fun! On Saturday, after attending a baby shower for Becky Kelley (one of Parker's Wed. night Bible class teachers), we tackled our overgrown and very ugly landscaping. Thanks to our neighbor Steve who loaned us some very helpful gardening tools. Much to Tony's and my surprise, I trimmed two of the bushes myself! Parker had a blast helping too! He loves the gardening gloves Daddy bought him on their trip to Lowe's while I was at the baby shower. As Parker put it during dinner Saturday night "We worked hard on our day off!" Tony and I were in complete agreement!

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EBC said...

I'm finding the best long-term buy for camera batteries are the rechargeables-you gotta pony up the cash, though.

Seeing the Balloon Glow picture was nice. We circumnavigated the park for an hour looking for a parking spot, then took off for Tillies Park. We'll be better prepared next year.