Sunday, September 30, 2007

Party! Party! Party!

I had the best of intentions to take pictures this weekend, but we were too busying partying with my parents! Tony and my dad went golfing Saturday with Parker in tow. Parker has gone before with no problem, but this was their first time at Ballwin Golf Club. We didn't realize that they had a no spectator rule. I had to go pick Parker up because he was crying crocodile size tears that he couldn't hit the ball. Parker quickly revived when he went shopping with Grandmaw and I. Grandmaw made a lot of "offers" that prompted Parker to say "I love shopping with you Grandmaw!" Tony decided that when Parker couldn't golf with them, it was a sign to skip it. On one drive, his ball and the end of his golf club went flying, never to be seen again. Not being a golfer, I didn't realize what the big deal was until Tony informed me that you have to buy the drivers in sets. He bemoaned the broken club the rest of the night. Mom and I shopped on through Sunday while my Dad began what is sure to be an interesting project for our backyard. Since Parker loves to hit the golf ball around, my dad has began plotting a spot in our backyard for a putting green for Parker to practice on. Perhaps Daddy and Grandad will play out there too! Our fun weekend was capped off by the Chiefs making a come from behind victory over the Chargers! We're now tied for first place in our division! Who cares if it is a three way tie?

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