Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Parker experienced his first politically correct "Treasure Hunt" at preschool, but the boy was not to be fooled. He knew it was an "Easter Egg Treasure Hunt", The treasure hunt was on Friday which Parker does not attend then. Since Tony has the day off, Fridays are Daddy and Parker's day off together. Mrs. Penny and Parker appealed to Daddy's fun loving side and asked if Parker could attend. Of course, Daddy couldn't say no....
Easter festivities included having Breakfast with the Easter Bunny and Jillian. Since the weather was bad, they went fishing for eggs in the pool. It was a hoot!
Thanks to John and Kathryn Collett for hosting the 2nd annual Easter Egg hunt at Tillis Park! Thanks too to all the volunteers who braved the cold weather to help out! Parker was sooo excited to find a golden egg which he turned in for a stuffed animal...I've learned you can never have too many. Parker treats each one like a beloved pet. Tony and I just shrug and say at least it's not a real one.

Gracie and Parker are delighted with their golden egg prizes!
We had been at the park since 7:30 AM. Tony helped with the set up, but Parker and I spent our time running back and forth to the car to warm up. When it was finally over, Parker fell asleep a happy boy waiting for Daddy to finish help cleaning up.
A future architect in the making...maybe!
With all the fun surrounding Easter, we remember the true meaning. We told Parker that we celebrate Easter because Jesus lives. Parker promptly replied, "Doesn't He live every day?"

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