Monday, June 9, 2008

Finally...Summer Vacation!

I start counting down to Summer Vacation right after Spring Break. But I spend my summer vacation counting up. Parker got a head start on summer vacation. On my last day of school, he started his very first swimming lessons. His favorite part was playing Simon Says in the water.
Next, we finished Spring Soccer on my fourth day of summer vacation. It's a good thing that we didn't keep score. Tony was a super coach despite our lack of talent, I mean our lack of experience. :)
Despite the forecast for storms and rain, we headed to the zoo on my sixth day of summer vacation. Parker loves dinos so he couldn't wait to go through the exhibit. It's a real bargain for Friends of the Zoo - only a $1.50 per person. Parker wanted to take a picture with every single dinosaur.
The T Rex (aka the Sharp Tooth for Land Before Time fans) made him a little nervous so Daddy braved the Sharp Tooth to gaurantee a picture with every dinosaur.
Parker spent a lot of time digging for dino bones while his daddy and I enjoyed a seat in the shade.

Parker got to yell "All Aboard" the zoo train! We shared a snow cone which Parker loved because he had the bluest tongue!

Even though I doubted that this was the best day to go to the zoo, Tony was right. When all the weather people are calling for rain in St. Louis, you're almost gauranteed no rain! It was a perfect day for the zoo!

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