Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Two of the things my mom does best is love and laugh. She is so quick to laugh with Parker and she delights in every moment. Every time we are together, I am reminded to be more like that - in the moment and enjoy the simple things. Even if Parker has told that same joke 20 times - laugh like it's the first. That's what my mom does. I think as my mom gets older, her heart just keeps getting bigger. Every year, I hear about a new kindergardener that just steals her heart. I know that she will follow that kindergardener all the way through fifth grade. I love how my mom supports her school. Whenever the PTC sells candy grams, she always buys one for everyone in the class that she helps with. She doesn't sign her name, just your friend or maybe a secret admirer. I try to be like that way - doing things for others without wanting or needing any recognition. When I listen to my mom, I am reminded to be on the lookout for what other people need and try to find a way to fill it. Thank you Mom for all these lesson you have taught me! I'll try to live up to them!
This year as we celebrate Mother's Day, so many women are on my heart. Parker's babysitter, Mrs. Carol, who has started weekly chemo treatments. I think of her three children who by her example are seeing what it means to live courageously. I'm thinking of my coworker and friend Amy whose Mother is starting her third week in ICU trying to overcome emergency open heart surgery. Amy is 20 weeks pregnant with her first baby and can't wait to tell her mom that she is having a girl. Finally, I am thinking of Wendy Martin. Wendy did the hardest thing a mother is ever asked to do - let your baby go. I know Emma is in the arms of Jesus this Mother's Day thanking Him for her mommy who loved her and cared for her in a way that only a Mommy can.

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