Friday, December 12, 2008


I called the dr. today because Macy is still sleeping a lot which made me a little nervous since that wasn't my experience with Parker. She reassured me that Macy was a happy, full baby. Although Tony would argue that when it is his turn to sit up with her at night, she is wide awake. Wednesday night, she was up from 1 to about 5. I took over at 4. I am happy to say that she slept well last night. Tonight is suppose to be Tony's turn, but I am taking pity on him since he is getting up super early for Breakfast with Santa at our church. Maybe our good night sleep run will continue...

We were very happy for Christy and Jillian to stop by for a visit. Parker decided to save his PreK at home craft to do with Jilly. They had a great time making their rice krispy Christmas houses. Come back soon!

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