Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Tony!

Breakfast with Santa sounded like a lot of fun! Macy and I stayed home while Tony and Parker dined with Santa. We noticed yesterday that Parker's ornaments for the animals were gone. We weren't sure if it was enjoyed by the squirrels or the birds. Then on Sunday, Tony turned 35! We had a little celebration during our small group Christmas party.

Parker comes from a long line of train lovers. My dad's dad was a train engineer and my dad would meet him at the train crossing after school and hop on for the ride to the train yard. Then of course Tony would love a train with Monopoly on it! Parker has loved Thomas and all thing trains. Last night, Tony set up his Monopoly train. We spent the evening running the train. We're not sure if Macy was impressed, but we all had a good time. Maybe Grandad will bring his train to play with at Christmas!

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