Thursday, December 30, 2010

You too?

I blinked, turned around twice, and it was gone!  When I was young, it seemed the four weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas stretched into the longest 4 weeks of the whole year.  Now that I am one of Santa's many helpers, those 4 weeks fly by faster than you can sing the Twelve Days of Christmas.  Despite all of our attempts to be organized, wrapped, & ready, Elf Tony & I only managed 2 and a half hours of sleep on Christmas Eve.  To make matters even funnier, in a sleep-deprived fog I deleated all my cute Christmas Eve pics.  Yes, worse than getting coal Christmas morning, is a mother without record of her labor.  Christmas morning, I threw in the towel.  Besides who really wants their picture taken in their pjs with bed hair?  I consoled (kidded) myself that I was living in the moment and not taking pictures of the moment.  Do you buy that?  I don't either.  But it sure sounded good Christmas morning....I hope you had a very merry time and a lot more sleep!

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