Monday, January 3, 2011

My profound thought for the new year...maybe my only one for the whole year

As you may know, we have been wrestling with Macy sleeping in her crib.  She goes down usually without a fuss, but a few hours later she is screaming at the top of the her lungs.  We've tried a variety of tricks.  Macy's personal favorite is when we surrender & let her sleep with us.  Since she is in the 95 percentile for her height and has mastered a 360 degree spin in bed, Tony & I wake up tired and a tad cranky.  One of our numerous resolutions was to get Macy to sleep through the night in her crib. 
Tonight as I put her down, I offered to do "100 minutes" like we do with Parker (that is a whole other story).  Laying on her pillow pet, snuggled in her crotchet blanket, I held her hand through the crib bars.  As I listened to her breathe,  I had my profound thought.  None of us want to face the darkness alone.  We want to be swaddled in the security of our loved ones.  We may not know what the darkness holds, but we trust that the ones who love us will be there until the morning light.

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