Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy Smarties Day!

As a teacher, I've never been called into a meeting to discuss why some of my students are reading above grade level or why some of my students have straight A's.  I have been to countless meetings to discuss why certain students are reading below grade level or not passing a subject.  When a student uses his or her manners or shows respect, I'm quick to compliment them.  Honestly, it's a surprise and not the norm.  This year more than ever, I find myself assessing my own children the same way - paying more attention to their weaknesses rather than their strengths.  Just as a teacher is expected to change weaknesses into strengths so is a parent.  
So knowing all that, here's my confession:  I may have gone a little overboard focusing on what Parker needed to work on rather than what he was doing right at school.  Out of his entire report card, there was only 2 areas that were marked "Satisfactory".  Everything else was excellence.  But those 2 areas became my focus and a source of frequent conversation.  When Parker received his fourth quarter report card, all he cared about knowing was did he change the satisfactories to excellences.  They hadn't.  His disappointment was evident.  Parker didn't even ask what his teacher's comments were.  He knew that we had wanted him to do better, and he hadn't.  Usually, he calls my mom right away to share his report card news.  He didn't even ask to call.  The sounds of alarm were ringing in my head.  I've gone too far in talking about what he could be doing better rather than celebrating the many things he was doing right...And I know! I know!  I hear you saying "Hello, Jennifer! Satisfactory is fine.  Get a grip!"  
To change his and our focus, Happy Smarties day was invented and celebrated today.

Last night, Tony and I made Smartie scrolls and labeled them on the outside 1 through 5.  We couldn't wait to celebrate with the kids!

Parker opened the first one, and off we went to First Watch.
We found out that Parker thought the best thing about second grade was being with his teacher and his friends.  His favorite subject was still math, but he thought he learned the most in Science.  Macy joined in with she had learned her ABCs, could count to 18 by herself, and could now use the potty. Great accomplishments all the way around!  After a yummy brunch, Parker opened the next scroll.

Captain Underpants...Hmm...This is where I say, boys love body function humor, and as long as they're reading...
 This was our first trip to The Painted Pot.  Macy chose a flower and Parker chose an angry bird.  Look at Scout friends, you can earn a badge there!

Parker was trash talking through the whole course while Macy was inventing a new version - putt and throw.  After a drink break at QT, Parker opened his last Smarties scroll.

We love Legos!  Throughout the whole day, Parker and Macy were wishing everyone "Happy Smarties Day!"  Parker now thinks this is his favorite holiday.      We told him that we hope to get to celebrate all his hard work and learning next year too.  Learning does have its rewards for both the student and the mommy.


Karen said...

WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!!!!!! You are a wonderful mommy and teacher! I wish my kids were small again to appreciate this kind of day. Donovan would just roll his eyes if I tried this! lol Miss seeing you all! The kids are getting so big!
Karen T.

Gamma0302 said...

This Gamma is very proud of both Parker and Macy (as well as Mommy and Daddy) Happy Smarties Day to all 4 of you

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day! I an So proud of Parker and Macy for their accomplishments! I am also delighted that a smart mom and dad knew just what to do! Love you all!

Martha said...

Terrific idea! Going to have to steal... :-)

AmberT said...

you are so creative. LOVE the idea!! you know, the best part was seeing Parker's huge smile in the pics. :)