Tuesday, June 12, 2012


This past Friday, Parker had a baseball game.  Look who drove over from Kansas City just to watch their favorite ball player!
Great Grandmaw Bobbie, Pa, Grandmaw,and Grandad!

Parker had no idea that they were coming.  The grandparents were already in the stands before we got there.  When Parker ran out on the field, shouts of "Gooooooo Parker!" filled the air!

Parker ran over to say hello when they came off the field.  Pa was excited to see that he and Parker shared the same number. Pa played varsity basketball in high school. Go 22!!!!

Parker's big smile is from his team's first win!  He was so excited that everyone got to see it!  Parker later admitted that he had been a little suspicious because we were doing all things we do when company comes - running the vacuum cleaner, changing sheets, and making them pick up all their toys.  When he asked if Grandmaw and Grandad were coming, I answered "Is there a holiday this weekend?".  Since he knew they were coming Father's Day weekend, he figured we were just going cleaning crazy. He loved that he went from suspicious to unsuspicious to surprised! 

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Jeremy said...

That is really cool. What a great memory!