Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An Historic Day!

While the rest of the country was celebrating the inauguration, we're celebrating that Macy is 2 months old! She is growing up way too fast! I also posted a picture of Parker so he would see what he looked like on inauguration day and because I went to a kindergarden meeting tonight! It was very odd to be sitting on the parents' side. On one of my late nights with Macy, we watched Momma Mia. I have to admit I teared up when Meryl sang "Slipping through my fingers all the time." I want to freeze frame each day with them because I know soon it will be Tony and I sitting around the house wondering what to do with ourselves (although I am already working on a mental list).
I can't end this blog without commenting on the peaceful transition of power that the world witnessed today. I also have to admit that I teared up watching the Bushes leave the White House. Republican or Democract, they are owed are thanks for their years of service and sacrifice to our country. Watching the events today, I was moved by the outpouring of the love and support shown for the Obamas. I was also a bit sad that as a nation we don't show every president, regardless of political convictions, that same support. We should be patriotic regardless of who holds the office. We may not live in a perfect country, but we live in a great one!

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