Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What A Day!

Bad weather wasn't going to keep Parker from going to Pre-K since he is Star of the Week this week. Parker had very definite ideas about his poster. He wanted to do it just like all the other boys, but I wanted a more polished presentation. So we compromised. Since it was just Macy and I today, we had some spa time. Macy loves her bath! It is the only thing that she will happily wake up for!

She was a happy spa girl until it came time to massage lotion on her back. She was still upset about when she got dressed.
Tony, Parker, and I love snow!!! I couldn't wait for the boys to get home so we could have a little fun! Plus, I wanted a picture of Macy in Jillian's Strasburg snowsuit (Thanks for sharing, Christy!). Macy wasn't too impressed with the snow - she slept right through it all. We took a quick picture before the boys went around the block and we headed back inside.

This is how Macy likes to spend her snow day - sleeping.

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