Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Meet and Greet

In January, we took Parker to meet Mary Pope Osbourne, the author of the Magic Tree House series.  Parker's a big fan, and thanks to Miss Moses who emailed me the info, we made our plans.  Amazingly, we got there right on time.  The line snaked the perimeter of the Barnes & Noble.  We had rehearsed with Parker what he should say.  I pretended to be Mrs. Osbourne as Parker introduced himself very politely.  "What's your favorite Magic Tree House book?"  "Your newest one!" Back to being Mom: "You haven't read that one yet!"  "But I love each new one I read!" Back to Mrs. Osbourne: "Why, thank you and it is so nice to meet such a handsome and polite boy!"  Giggling from Parker.  An hour later, minor destruction to the shelves caused by Hurricane Macy, Tony's last nerve in danger of being jumped on, it was our turn.  All Parker could do was stare!  The real Mrs. Osbourne: "What's your name?"  "Parker"  -Dramatic pause- "Would you like to take your picture with me?"  A nod.  A flash.  He walks off.
(In case you don't know, Mary Pope Osbourne is on the right.  The lady on the left is her sister who she collaborates with on her nonfiction books.  Bonus!)

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