Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break Project 1

Waves rolling in, the sun's shining, a good book, a cold Diet Coke, children happily building a sand castle to my right, and a snoozing husband on my left - Spring Break on the beach. Ahhh, give me one more minute in my tropical paradise.  OK, back to Spring Break Staycation where it snowed 5 inches yesterday!
If you have ever seen a certain very organized blond's refrigerator, then you know that my frig was crying out in neglect!  I have four major projects on my to do list for Spring Break including taking my refrigerator apart & scouring it from top to bottom.  My pride kept me from taking a picture of what the frig looked like before.  But in full disclosure, let me say that when Tony got the bottom half completely out including light fixtures, a hardened puddle the color of Diet Coke was found in the very back.  What in the world?  After scouring it with my new favorite cleaning product (vinegar & water), a barbecue aroma overtook the vinegar aroma.  Tony figured it was the homemade barbecue sauce we use to marinade  brisket.  GROSS!  But here is the finished project - one down, three to go!

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