Thursday, April 12, 2012


 I had dropped our laptop the day of Macy's birthday party in November. A dear friend's husband pulled a MacGyver and got it working again.  Sadly, it finally booted up for the last time a week and a half ago. 

Yes, friends, I have been unplugged for almost two weeks. 

The detox wasn't pretty...I had acknowledged that I was am addicted to FB and Pinterest which Tony finds endless ways to tease me about.  Then I read an article about how our children need us and don't let Pinterest bring you down.  WHAT?!?!?! 

Having lived two whole weeks without electronic connections (did I mention one of those weeks was Spring Break?), using only my Blackberry and Tony's android whenever he wasn't looking, I can speak as an expert who has been to the dark side and returned to the laptop light.  Yes, I agree.  Our worth as a mother has nothing to do with our spice organization.  (Although ironically, my kitchen set-up pretty much mirrors my mom's kitchen.)  Do we find ways to put pressure on ourselves unnecessarily? Of course!  It's part of our genetic make-up.  HOWEVER, we have been redeemed by the One who never keeps score.  He covers our messy closets, wrapper filled cars, and counter-top clutter with grace and mercy. There is not a stain He cannot get out. We were made in His image. There isn't an app or a status update or a pin that can top that. 

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I completely agree!!!!!!!!!!