Sunday, March 25, 2012


Maybe it's the sunny weather.  Maybe it's the great sermon I heard today.  Maybe it's the time I spent with friends this weekend.  But my heart overflows...I can get so focused on all the different hats I wear - wife, mother, daughter, teacher, believer, friend, meal planner, housekeeper.  I can let  today's challenges stifle my joy.  Back when Oprah was preaching an attitude of gratitude, I kept a gratitude journal like a million others, I am sure.  But eventually I found myself writing the same things and the journal just became another bullet on my list.  It's collecting dust in my nightstand. Maybe it's time to get it back out or better yet, I'll use my virtual one. :)
1) Two days off with my favorite guy
2) Parker's toothless grin
3) Macy calling Jillian her sissy
4) Easy conversations with friends even when the topics are hard
What are you grateful for?  I would love to know!


Anonymous said...

I am grateful for

1) My parents that you and I share
2) Family and childhood memories that time has changed the font and scope of what it now is, meaning what are family now exists of, but time has not erased
3) My friends whom I love
4) That God has given us a new day and opportunity to achieve our dreams
5) That I have a sister with a kind and loving heart and a smile for everyone. Who seeks for "the happy ending " in every aspect of life. A sister who never turns away anyone in need of help, even when she herself is exhausted and should rest up. You are truly one of "the good people " in life. (You maybe listed as fifth but one should always end with something grand and special. By the way Jennifer I mean you)

Your Brother

Anonymous said...

Btw are was a mistype Mrs. Martin it was supposed to be our

Anonymous said...

I an grateful for family, Spring Break, my job, grandchildren, my health, my parents, grace & mearcy, our beautiful earth, spring, the gift of life, laughter, friends old & new, my partner of 42 years!