Friday, March 9, 2012

Acts of Kindness 3

One of the reasons I didn't put a time limit on myself is that I wanted to be open to being moved by the Spirit.  Last Sunday evening, I was acting just like a child and employing a classic delay tactic with my parents.  In the late afternoon, Dad said he could really use a nap.  I chimed in with a classic "I could use a trip to Marshalls."  My wonderful Dad took the bait and sent my Mom and I on a quick trip to said store.  (Macy returns the favor with a carefully played "I LOVE shopping!  Can I come too?")  As we were pulling into Marshalls, I see a lady in the far corner of the parking lot with a large suitcase.  I thought to myself that it was strange that I had never noticed that there was a bus stop here.  After making the rounds through Marshalls and Home Goods, we start to leave.  Just outside the door is the lady with the suitcase.  Up close, I realize she is an older lady. She is asking two shoppers if they would mind calling for a cab.  She recites the number as they walk away. The three of us get loaded up, and I tell my mom what I overheard.  My mom says to pull up and offer her a ride.  I love it that my mom and I think alike!  We pulled up and offered the lady a ride. Her eyes dart back and forth between the three of us, and I smile to myself thinking riding in the back with Macy could seem scary.  Finally, she says that she is hungry and was planning on the cab taking her through the Burger King next to her hotel.  My mom told her that was no problem.  I got her suitcase in the trunk, and we headed out. After taking her through Burger King, I offered to help her up to her room since she had her hands full with her dinner.  She politely refuses, and has me help get her food in the smaller bag attached to her enormous suitcase.  I see that her smaller bag is filled with convenience store snacks.  My heart just about breaks in half.  I want to ask if she is all alone in this world, but I couldn't bear the answer and let myself off the hook.  I get back in the car, and my mom and I say "Bessie!" (which is a word we use frequently to mean a variety of things - I have no idea of its origin - only that most of the time it conveys sympathy) at the same exact time.  I asked her if this could count as one of my acts of kindness, and she says most definitely.


Anonymous said...

that is such a wonderful story.
Yay for you and your mom!
Sharon from work.

Anonymous said...

Laying up treasures in heaven!