Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dear Church Family

I've been touched by your words of encouragement and your honesty.  I've been praying for all of us to be listening and ready to answer when God calls us.  Over the years, what I've needed from church family has changed.  I used to be all about the women's Bible study classes and a meaningful worship.  Becoming a mother has changed what I need from my church family.  For me, my church family is a crucial component in Parker and Macy's understanding of what it means to walk with God.  Of course, Tony and I are the primary teachers of this.  In full disclosure though, we both fall short of being what God wants us to be.  This is why I need you.  I need you to show my children that God loves people of all races, financial standings, and backgrounds.  When I look at all the ways my church family loves and serves, I catch a glimpse of His glory.  And that is what I want my children to witness. Our God is SO MUCH BIGGER.  I don't doubt that everything that has transpired through our church family's merger was done with the very best of intentions.  Somewhere we, ok maybe just I, have allowed God to be diminished.  The God we know doesn't see diversity.  He sees His creation.  We can get such tunnel vision that we can't see the greatness of His potential for us.  I can be missing people so much that I lose this truth.  You may be gone from this building, but you are never gone from His family.  Selfishly, I need for my children to see your footprints of faith.  Let us all leave a trail. 


Anonymous said...

Yet again your humble heart knows no bounds. Have you considered that what your heart is feeling might,perhaps, be God telling you something through that missing. I have witnessed many churches let crucial members, who didn't want to go but felt compelled to go, leave and not prevent it due to the pride of others.
Not saying that this is happening here but it is a logistical thought to consider.

I have also seen things done in the claim of bringing glory to God and in reality it was bringing harm and a stumbling block to believers.

Listen to what God puts on your heart. Some times you might need to separate yourself when wrong is done, for the sake of not only your children and yourself, but for what you are trying to cling to as being right.

Jesus wasn't popular. He angered many with His truth. Many of us don't want to hear the truth or think what our actions have created is wrong.

Sometimes standing up for others and what is right is not easy but must be done. As Christians we are called upon to be unique and not of this world and not the popular one.

Anonymous said...

Is the church meeting your family's spiritual needs? Are the leadership faithful followers of God? Do they have vision? Are they transparent?

Bradford L. Stevens said...

Amen Jennifer! Our vision has to be to let our light shine. God is in control and it is all about Him. Thank you for your service and openness. If we can continue to serve the needs of others in love, God will take care of everything else.