Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandad!

My dad turns 61 today! I love my dad so much! Growing up, my dad was and still is my dream catcher. He sees the very best in me and encourages me to see things in myself that I would never see. For example, my dad has seen these things in me in his 60th year: the next great American novel, a doctorate, and a principal. Now none of these have come to pass. I am a wife, a mom of a almost six year old and a one year old, a third grade teacher, and on the list goes. But it is nice to know that someone sees all the possibilities in you and never doubts that you have the talent or the brainpower to make it all a reality. Thanks, Dad! You're the best!

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Laura Lendman said...

Your dad has always thought you could conquer the world or anything else you set your mind to!