Monday, February 20, 2012

38 and feelin' great!

I am so excited that my birthday is finally here!  And not for the reasons you think - yummy food, presents, and good times!  I love those too, but drumroll please......Today starts my 38 acts of kindness!  I saw this idea out of the corner of my eye on pinterest & didn't have time to pursue it.  Since then I have been dreaming big & decided to follow my own guidelines.  Here they are: 1) only half of the acts can involve money, 2) there is no time limit except they have to be completed before I turn 39! :)  I am going to share my 38 acts here. Not because I want to brag or make you feel icky-sweet, but because I truly believe the more the merrier!
My first act of kindness is for you!

Puppy with Paws GiftCard
Leave a comment with an act of kindness suggestion by midnight on Friday, and you will be entered to win a $20 Target gift card!  See, I told you this would be fun!  The winner will be randomly selected and announced Saturday morning!  I can't wait to hear your ideas! :)


The Pickers said...

I saw this on Pinterest too and thought it was so cool! Here's a super simple one I try to do if I'm kid-free at the grocery store--if I see a mom loading groceries in her car with kids in tow, I offer to take her cart for her and either return it to the cart return or take it in to the store and use it depending on if I'm at the beginning or end of my shopping trip. I know I'm always torn between returning my cart to the approriate place and leaving my kids (especially when they're babies) in the car alone or having to carry them along to return the cart. Not hard at all but can really help another mom out!

Anonymous said...

I wish I had been able to have had your figure at 38, seems so long ago as my hip keeps reminding me.