Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Facebook + February = Romance

Having joined the world on Facebook, our walk down memory lane has begun.  Seeing familiar names of  college friends has made us laugh and sigh for the days of young love.  During that time, Tony & I would scoff at the Valentine Day traditions with immature, arrogant thoughts that went something like this: "Every day with you is Valentine's Day.  We don't need a holiday to tell us to say I love you or make thoughtful gestures. I love you. I love you. I love you."  (Go ahead and gag.  It won't hurt my feelings.)  Being older and wiser, we know now Valentine's Day isn't such a cornball idea.  Life with 2 children, teaching, night shifts, volunteering, and all the day to day tasks of a purposeful life can put a crunch on romance.  Although Tony would be sure to add this disclaimer:  my definition of romance has changed dramatically from our Harding days.  I now define romance as Tony cooking dinner, watching him play with Parker and Macy, and a whole new date night routine that involves a romantic comedy and popcorn after the kids are in bed.  All this to say, thank you Facebook for jogging our memories and thank you February 14th for the romantic reminder of what this married life is all about.

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