Monday, January 9, 2012

First Linked Give Away

In most cases, I'm the last one to catch on but it's never too late, right?  I've seen Farley's blog on pinterest & it's fun. And not just because she is giving away a very expensive AND quiet pencil sharpener.  My techy skills have a long way to go since I couldn't figure out how to copy her cute "Currently" page.  Here's my anwers
Currently January 2012
Listening to: My Inspirational playlist on my ipod.  I hit repeat on "There's A Stirring Deep Within Me"

Loving: Both kids in bed at the same time!  It's been a rough transition back to our regular routine.

Thinking:  To Facebook or not?  It's so hard to make time for personal connections.  Are electronic ones better than none at all?

Wanting: My list is long which is unusual for me!  1) New bedroom furniture for Macy 2) A new car (Tony says minivan) 3) a flat screen TV 4) A serious camera
5) A family vacation

Needing: A techy crash course - font and tab questions

OLW: Action!

If you want to enter, here's the blog:

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