Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Something happens...

We had a work day today.  It was the first time ever that we have been given one when returning from a break. It was heavenly!  I know I was bemoaning my loss of home time, but I love my school time too.  Something happens when I unlock my classroom door.  I'm filled with hope.  I see the empty desks and say a quick prayer: "Use me."  Sometimes, God uses me in ways that I would rather He not.  Explosive angry students aren't my first choice.  But for some reason, I've had one the last few years.  But even in their anger, they hold a special spot in my heart.  Probably because a part of my heart aches wondering how an 8 year old could be so angry. 
Use me to help instill a love of reading.  The class has taken to applauding when I finish a book. Not because I am such a terrific reader, but because something in the story has moved them to see something in a new light.  Or maybe it's just the joy of clapping...Have you noticed that most people smile when they clap?  
Use me to encourage a coworker. Sometimes I forget to Whom I belong, and my words aren't kind or encouraging.  Forgive me and use me. 
My classroom will be full tomorrow, and the hope that God will use me encourages me to be ready for the promise of a new beginning.

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