Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Themes - for home and school

My neighbor across from my classroom home chooses a theme for her classroom every year and goes all out - NOTHING is left out from the theme including window sills, birthday presents to students, and notepads.  I'm more of a seasonal girl.  My classroom decor changes with the month except that I leave my window sills bare and my birthday presents are the same throughout the year.  Being an office supply lover, I do switch out notepads.  One of my students' favorites is our seasonal partners.  We spend the first weeks learning the proper way to get a partner.  Third graders love to act!  It begins with "(Name inserted), would you like to be my partner?"  The person addressed has to reply with a big cheesy smile and and an enthusiastic "Yes, I would love to!"  This goes on until the first day of fall.  Then I pass out a sheet with 3 fall icons.  The students mix filling up their partner card.  Sometimes I put parameters like one of their partners has to be the opposite sex.  Then I make partner posters so when we need a partner, I'll say "Find your leaf partner."  Here are my winter partner posters:

My mom is the one who started this tradition, and I like to think I kicked it up a notch! :)  Our entry way theme changes just about every month.  Depending on the month, the decorations can spread throughout the house.

I've been told it's a teacher thing.

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